Commercial and corporate law

We advise your on all questions of a commercial or corporate law nature, irrespective of whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation shareholder, managing director, or executive or supervisory board member. Our consulting services cover all aspects of this practice area, from company foundations through to strategic company management, joint ventures and company acquisitions.

We can moreover assist you with corporate and investment transactions, negotiate in shareholder disputes and advise on aspects such as management liability and employee shares. And we can draw up tailored contracts – be it in the area of distribution rights, commercial agency, authorised dealership or supplier relations.

Company foundations

As a company founder, you have to deal with challenging questions from the very start. Which corporate form makes most sense from a legal and tax law perspective? Which shareholder interests need to be reflected in the articles of association to ensure cooperation beyond the foundation phase and in conflict situations?

Not that these challenges need be a source of strain. After all, we have all the answers. And we can ensure that your company starts life backed up by an entirely legally secure framework.

For questions on the formation of or participation in companies in France, our Paris-based lawyers are on hand to advise you.

Law on company transformations

There are many reasons for changing a company’s structure.

We advise and guide you on all pertinent legal avenues, be it on restructuring by transferring individual assets to another legal entity (a so-called asset deal), on applying the principle of universal succession as per the German Transformation Act (UmwG) by way of mergers, demergers, or changing your company’s legal form.

M&A / company acquisitions / joint ventures

We provide SMEs with expert advice and guidance in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in both national and international contexts.

We draft confidentiality agreements and letters of intent, examine the pertinent contracts and legal conditions as part of due diligence, and conduct SWOT analyses for your planned project.

Is your company set for a takeover? We react promptly by drawing up sound strategies and examining your legal options.

Banking and capital market law

Comprising areas such as general banking law, credit contract law, securities and capital market law, and the many forms of loan collateral – banking and capital market law is multi-layered and complex.

We know how to protect you as an investor and private investor. To this end, we analyse your individual situation and advisory needs so as to be optimally prepared to defend your rights and economic interests in the event of extrajudicial negotiations or litigation.

Private international law

Globalisation brings new opportunities and challenges. If your contracting partner is based on the other side of the world, then the mere decision on which legal system is to be applied is a serious issue.

We advise you on all facets of this complex practice area, helping you to keep sight of your goals in a globalised world.

Law governing non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations (organisations operating in the third sector), need to navigate a range of legal frameworks alongside classic foundation law. These include the tax laws governing non-profit and charitable donations, social law, employment law, criminal law and data protection law.

We can advise you on all aspects of the non-profit sector. So please do not hesitate to come to us with your questions, whatever these may be.