Restructuring and insolvency

For decades, we have specialised in providing management and legal advisory services in the field of insolvency. Should your business encounter turbulent times, our team of lawyers and insolvency law specialists will be on hand to provide you with guidance and show you what new paths are at your disposal.

Avoiding insolvency

The better prepared you are for situations that could put your company in jeopardy, the more effectively you will be able to respond to them. Receiving legal advice at an early stage will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Working together with you and our auditor and tax consultant partners, we analyse your current situation and either develop new company strategies or examine and monitor restructuring and takeover concepts.

Insolvency consulting

If your company falls into crisis, you need to act fast. You also need to make sound decisions. We provide you with the insolvency expertise to do just that. Working with our experienced auditor and tax consultant partners, we answer any business and tax law questions you may have in this regard, and support you with the organisational, legal and business-specific aspects of restructuring your company.

Insolvency administration

The insolvency courts in northern Germany have been putting their trust in our insolvency administrators and clerks for decades. Our work is known for its accuracy, efficiency and target orientation. And the principal goal of this work is to enable your company to continue as a going concern and, as a result, to retain jobs.

Clear, honest, direct communication is fundamental to insolvency administration work, and is an integral characteristic of our work.

For more information on insolvency administration, please refer to our insolvency department’s webpage.