Criminal law

Commercial criminal law has gained considerably in significance in recent years, with the state becoming increasingly intent on investigating and prosecuting circumstances involving crimes of an economic nature - particularly among SMEs.

Working with you, we develop strategies by which to exonerate you of involvement in crimes under commercial criminal law, be that in the field of tax crime, environmental crime, traffic crime or insolvency crime.

Our criminal law specialist Dr Selk will serve as your defence counsel in criminal matters in all German courts. Our tax law specialist Dr Hellmut Müller will advise and represent you in all matters relating to fiscal offences. Our traffic law specialist Dirk Trieglaff is at your service for all matters relating to the laws on traffic offences of a criminal nature. France's legal system contains a somewhat complex and extensive ancillary criminal law framework that covers all areas of business life. Our French lawyers are on hand to provide you with advice and legal defence should you be the subject of a criminal claim.