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Dirk Trieglaff
Partner, Lawyer

Dirk Trieglaff joined Weiland Rechtsanwälte as a lawyer in 2001 and has been a partner since 2018.

He can advise you on litigation issues and on matters pertaining to the law of liability and damages, the law of insurance and traffic law as well as employment law. In particular, he can support clients in employment law or BID issues. Dirk Trieglaff is a specialist on employment law and insurance law.

Mr Trieglaff qualified as a certified HR manager in 2013 (University of Applied Science, Wismar).

After studying law at the University of Osnabrück, Dirk Trieglaff joined Weiland Rechtsanwälte as a legal clerk. Please click here for further information on Dirk Trieglaff's BID activities.

Phone: + 49 40 361307-340

Specialist Lawyer for Employment Law

Specialist Lawyer for Insurance Law

Practice areas

Insurance and claims law
Employment Law
Traffic law
Criminal law


Vlada Selinski
Legal Assistant
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