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Dr. Fabian Schulz
Partner, Lawyer

dr Fabian Schulz has been a partner and attorney at Weiland Rechtsanwälte since 2023. Previously, he had worked in medium-sized law firms in Schleswig Holstein since 2017.

He primarily advises on cross-legal and structural disputes in companies or groups of companies. He can draw on many years of experience in complex and extensive litigation.
He completed the specialist lawyer course for tenancy and residential property law in 2022. His focus here is primarily on the drafting of commercial leases and risk analysis in existing contractual relationships.
dr Fabian Schulz will also be happy to advise you on disputed property disputes and other areas of family law.

After studying law in Jena, Dr. Fabian Schulz 2015 on a family and inheritance law topic.

dr Fabian Schulz is the chairman of the examination board for legal and notary clerks in Lübeck. He is co-author of the Nomos commentary on the right to a compulsory portion.

Phone: +49 40361307-270

Specialist Lawyer for Tenancy and Real Property Law

Practice areas

Tenancy and residential property law
family law


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