General civil law/contract law

Our lawyers and attorneys provide support in all matters concerning labor law. Our field of expertise ranges from the GTCB (General Terms and Conditions of Business) law, corporate succession as well as tenancy and lease law to arbitration and compulsory execution. We represent clients in contract negotiations and draft future-proof contracts to prevent potential conflicts. In addition, we ensure the validity of terms and conditions, revise contracts produced by contractual partners and legally enforce receivables. Due to our profound experience in all matters of the general civil and contract laws, we successfully safeguard and defend the interests of our clients.

Matthias Ritter
Volker Kieckbusch
Dr. Sven Claussen, LL.M.
Dr. Nils G. Weiland, M.P.A.
Dr. Michael Ivens, LL.M.
Dr. Thilo Streck
Britta Erning, LL.M.
Ria-Sophie Röbbing

Thomas Hoffmann
Tina Hoernel
Marc Schütte

Dr. Ferdinand Müller
Dr. Hellmut Müller

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